The meeting of Exchange artists (Moscow - Amsterdam. 1993-1994) in the Beautiful Distress House in Amsterdam. Organized by Suzanne Oxenaar and Vincent de Boer. Performance - Diner "Stripservice. Book on porcelain" and "Society of Clean Plates" by Oxana Malevanik and Gijs Stollman. With: Vincent de Boer, Suzanne Oxenaar, Aliona van der Horst, Veronika Georgieva, Stephan Shanabrook, Marion van Wijk, Sandra de Wolf en Paul Vendel, Martin en Colette Grootenboer, Liza May Post, Linda van Boven, Miriam De Koning, Jurgen van Laere, Claudine Hellweg, Erik Weeda, Ronald Ophuis en kindren: Glafira, Olesja, daughters of Veronika and Stephan, Sami, son of Sandra and Paul, daughter of Linda.

Foto's: Andrei Tchernikov

#Stripservice #Societyofcleanplates

It was an unforgettable evening! Thank you all and see you next time!